Fade The Lure

Fade the Lure

Poetry Publication
Published by After 8 Books, 2019
Design by Dan Solbach

Fade the Lure is a collection of poems and photographs created between 2014 and 2017, during Dena Yago’s experience working and living alongside emotional support dogs in Los Angeles. In Yago’s words, poetry is sometimes “a form of communication created out of the desire to avoid, and an inability to engage in other forms of direct communication” with animals or humans. Fade the Lure explores the possibility for the poem to account for relationships that materialize and live beyond words, while being embedded in a consumerist society’s confined structures.

Published in collaboration with / Publié avec l'aide de High Art, Paris
B/W, open-spine sewn, with dustjacket / N&B, dos cousu, jaquette
52 pages, 11 x 22 cm cm. Edition of / Tirage: 600
ISBN: 978-2-9559486-3-7

Dena Yago