Eli Ping Francis Perkins, New York, New York
May 29 - June 22 2014

Matted down on ground, swung up the rug lashed dust that only left settled an area, shades darker, compacted by seated forked associates. For care of - split stick, refracting back towards heavens door as the floor's whipped (by resting blessed face, jockeying for further position). She is a half way - how - a much scored notched now. Who said how was instinctual or how-to: the sample life? I am inhabitable and extinctuactual (a was now, now maybe not again). Theme yourself in reverse, holding on while being lapped.

For her first solo exhibition in New York, Distaff, Dena Yago constructs a harnessed network of hand woven rugs. A distaff is a tool used in wool or flax spinning to hold unspun fibers, a femalethe horse race, and an adjective describing female lineage. The five rugs presented in the exhibition were produced with the help of Denitsa Popova. The rugs were hand woven on traditional looms in Sliven, Bulgaria using methods originating from the Rhodope Mountains. After the rugs are woven, they are washed in machines powered by river water to make them softer and stronger. In New York, Yago worked with natural-dyer Cara Piazza to color the rugs using annatto seeds, ground madder roots, iron fillings, oak gall tannin extract, onionskins, rust, and weld.

Information from the ASPCA and The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages will be made available at the gallery concerning the ban on horse-drawn carriages in New York City. The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages is dedicated to banning the inherently inhumane, unsafe, and anachronistic horse-drawn carriage trade in New York City. It is an all-volunteer 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. A screening of "Blinders" will be held on Friday, May 30th at Hunter College, with special guests Kathy Stevens of Catskill animal sanctuary, filmmaker Donny Moss, songwriter Brian Gari, and Coalition president Elizabeth Forel.

Read: "Dena Yago: Distaff," Coco Young, ALLDAYEVERYDAY

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Dena Yago