Blurred Vibrations: On Billie Eilish & Affect

appliedarts.mirror.xyz, June 14, 2021

What started as a tweet thread about Billie Eilish, R.J. Cutler's recent Eilish documentary, and affect theory has now become a long-form, multimedia essay including commissioned illustrations by artist Rachel Rossin that exist within the essay as purchasable digital artworks. I used the decentralized publishing platform Mirror to crowdfund this essay, the funds from which allowed for time to research and write, hire an editor to assure the essay’s quality, and commission illustrations. Read the full essay here, and more on its motivations here.

Works associated with Blurred Vibrations: On Billie Eilish & Affect. Text by Dena Yago. Visual works by Rachel Rossin. Video made from component parts of a commissioned RPG - navigating a simulated video game made from real estate assets pulled from models for suburban developments. All sale proceeds go to the $MOOD contract address.

Dena Yago